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  • Are your ring nerves sabotaging your success?
  • Do you forget a course 5 minutes after you’ve walked it?
  • Do you constantly need to run to the loo before you enter the ring?

It’s hard to be in the flow when your heart’s pounding and your guts are in turmoil. When your focus is fractured it’s impossible to connect with your dog. Don’t worry, I can help you.

How would you like to:

  • Feel alert, calm and connected to your dog every time you run?
  • Be confident and focused in the ring?
  • Feel powerful and secure in your body?

Why? You know your dog picks up on your emotional state so it’s vital to send the right messages to your dog on every level. Competitions are dramatically different from training sessions because EVERYTHING matters and it’s all on the line.

What: Success comes from the ability to consistently reproduce the excellence achieved in training sessions, in competition under the eyes of the judge. 

Having a balance of physical and mental training gives the best results. Thoughts are powerful and we use them to create our understanding of the world, often called a ‘Mindset ’. To have consistent success you need a positive mindset enhanced by the emotional fuel of passion and courage to drive it.

As a handler, you already know that your emotions affect your dog in the ring. However, you may not know how to maintain the emotional connection in competition situations that you established in training. Being consistent is vital whether you’re moving up the grades, or representing your country.

As a result of using my own tools, I was able to recover from a poor start to going from UKA Beginners to Champion Performance Class in just two years with my first dog, Lexi. Along the way, I learned to truly enjoy competition a connection with my dog I had never imagined possible!

For a professional, the pressure never goes away, it just gets more intense!

Some people depend on willpower for their success. Willpower indicates an internal conflict where one part of you has to overpower the other.  For example, your desire to win can overpower your self-doubt and just as likely, your self-doubt can win the battle.  Either way, you lose time and energy engaging in a battle that can be used for your performance success when you are fully aligned.

Every high-level athlete on the world stage knows that 20% of success comes from physical training and 80% comes from mental preparation. My approach integrates the latest research in neuroscience about how the brain, body and emotional states powerfully influence each other which creates change in cognitive, emotional and behavioural performance. 

I’m an emotional detective and help you discover and dissolve your blocks to success.  I investigate your inner dialogue to weed out limiting thoughts and beliefs, and then together we create a unique system to achieve your winning performance.