The Grief Recovery Method® The Action Programme For Moving Beyond  Death, Divorce & Other Losses  

Grief is the normal and natural reaction to loss of any kind. So the feelings you're experiencing are also normal and natural for you. If you're reading these words you're probably suffering from a broken heart.  
Most people looking for grief counseling or coaching only feel they can do this if someone close to them has died. However, there are over 40 different personal losses that can leave us feeling devastated, heartbroken, lost, hopeless and ultimately cause the same emotional and physical symptoms of grief. 
The Grief Recovery Method® is unique because it's the only grief support programme in the world with an evidence base to its positive impact and can be used for any and all kinds of loss. 
The action steps in the Grief Recovery Method® can be used again and again with any future losses that may occur. Once you have participated in the Programme, you will have all the tools you need to overcome loss later in life.  
Some of the forty losses you can experience in your lifetime are:  
a death, divorce or breakup of a relationship (either recently or long ago) 
the death of a beloved pet 
a loss of health 
a loss of career 
a loss of trust 
Estrangement of family members 
Abusive or absent parent 
Loss of safety due to trauma 
Retirement, empty nest 
Loss of finances 
Loss of identity 
an awareness that your life isn't as happy or fulfilling as you want 
No matter what the cause of your broken heart, I'm here to help you recover so you can step in to a brighter future.  
"Having suffered terrible losses over the past years, preceded by many years of abusive childhood I was at a stage where I believed my life would continue in this way forever. My most recent loss was when my partner whom I loved desperately, decided to leave me. This happened the week my mother died and shortly after my brother had also died last year. 
I was offered counselling and I was already taking anti-depressants following the death three years previously of my beloved sister. The counselling was semi helpful because I could talk about my losses but I never felt that I took anything from that to help me. I was at a very low ebb, heartbroken at losing my sister and devastated when my partner left me, taking with him all my hopes and dreams for the future. Maxine introduced me to the Grief Recovery Method and when I felt ready I contacted her to arrange our first session. Initially, I was apprehensive and not sure if this could help me but I cannot emphasise how wonderful and liberating the sessions with Maxine have been. 
Maxine is very kind and understanding, never judgmental and extremely empathetic to my situation, always ready to help if at any time I struggled. Since completing the programme I have been able to cut down my medication by 50% and unbelievably I can now look back at my old relationship without any pain or feelings of loss or bitterness. The pain and heartbreak of losing my sister will never go away but I am now able to look back with fondness and laughter rather than pain. 
Maxine has now provided me with the tools I need to work through other areas of my life which I still need to address and I know that she will always be there to help should I struggle at any time. 
I cannot recommend Maxine and the Grief Recovery Method enough, I now feel free and positive for the first time in many many years for which I will always be grateful." 
Valerie Young. 
"I initially contacted Maxine because I was heartbroken by the loss of my nineteen year old cat. I chose to work with Maxine and the Grief Recovery Method in the hope that I could deal with her loss. 
I received so much more! Maxine opened doors that revealed to me that I had unresolved grief from numerous experiences in my life. Maxine gave me the skills and tools to resolve all my current and past losses as well as the confidence to resolve any future losses. 
Even though I've been through several different change programmes Grief Recovery Method is the most insightful yet practical programme I've ever done. I highly recommend Maxine. Not only is she an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist, she has the warmth and compassion to create the safety I needed to face the things I’d been carrying most of my adult life. 
If you have suffered significant losses in your life I recommend the Grief Recovery Method with Maxine Bryce - a winning combination!"  
Alex Rees 
If you want to take your first step to recovery from any kind of loss with The Grief Recovery Programme® I can help you. For a confidential chat, book your free call now. 

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