Maxine’s sessions literally changed my world. For years, things had been pretty tough for me. As an actress in my twenties, living in London, I became ill with chronic health problems which prevented me from working properly. I had to give up my dreams, my relationship was badly affected and my self-esteem at an all-time low. I was also plagued with acute anxiety along with constantly feeling ill which made life on a daily basis hellish. I was extremely low and without hope when I first contacted Maxine. I had separated from my husband and had a very young child to look after with no help as my family live far away.

Our first session together was a revelation. I couldn’t believe something so simple as Tapping could bring up such buried feelings. Emotions which I started to understand were affecting my health, career and wellbeing. Maxine was wonderful, she made me feel totally safe and without judgement. She is also extremely perceptive and highly sensitive which allows her to understand and automatically tune into what’s really going on with you. She really listened to me and supported me through what I can only describe as a metamorphosis.

With her help and support, I started up my own theatre school and was asked to work in a prestigious school teaching Drama. I started to enjoy life as a Mother and my health greatly improved. For the first time in my life, I felt as though I could achieve, be independent, strong, healthy and happy. For that, I shall always be grateful. Mostly, Maxine taught me that I have the power to change and that anything can be achieved and healed with the right help. I would strongly recommend Maxine as a practitioner, – indeed I had seen several counsellors and therapists over the years, none of whom made any lasting real change to my way of thinking and being. Maxine however, is a game changer and her methods gave me the tools I shall always carry if I need to work on any issue in my life. That’s empowerment!

Natasha Gray

Actress and Drama Teacher