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Steps of Transformation ™ 
Intensive Training & Transformational Coaching Breakthrough Programme™ 
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Steps of Transformation™  Training & Coaching Breakthrough Programme  by Maxine Bryce 

“During Maxine’s Steps of Transformation programme™, I quickly changed my behaviours with the crucial help from Maxine. I felt much more at ease with myself after the first course day. I felt so calm and relaxed, which I have never felt in my whole life before this. When I completed the course I felt better than I have ever felt in my life.” Emma. 
‘Emma’ tells us that there were tools she took away with her which she uses daily and that the benefits continued to grow with time. 
“Maxine taught me some life-saving tools which I use every day. Now I can even stop a severe headache by using her “Steps System”. Two months after participating in Maxine’s program, I have completely stopped my use of antidepressants, I have started to work out regularly, and I went back to my old job to finish my big project, which gave me a lot of opportunities professionally. I feel much more relaxed.” Emma. 
Another amazing benefit and unexpected result for Emma was the financial return on her investment in the "Steps" programme, her performance improved as well as her income! 
“The first month after participating in Steps of Transformation' I increased my monthly production in my job by 33% which also increased my income!” 
E N. Norway 
Speaking of an unexpected result, Reidun said that her results were “miraculous”. Imagine how she felt adapting to feeling well after being ill for so long. 
“My experience with Maxine has bordered on miraculous. After being on Long Term Disability with ME/CFS for almost 4 years, I no longer think of myself as sick.” 
Before Steps of Transformation™ Reidun was tied to her home and afterwards was able to travel and live the life she had only dreamed of before the program. 
“Thanks to Maxine I now have tools that I can use to be healthy, energetic and pain-free. Since her STEPS workshop, I have done 2 long 6 week trips, one to Italy and one a 6000 km road trip to Utah and Arizona and I was normal! I am so grateful to have my life back!!” 
R E. BC.  
Maxine has been presenting for 20 years and has been sharing her Steps of Transformation programme™ since 2010. Her organisational skills and practical step by step teaching style are comforting as well as mind-expanding. 
“I’ve attended a lot of workshops and this was the best organised and presented by far.The content was fascinating. It held many of the answers I had searched for.” 
Gail had been suffering for seven years which contributed to some level of doubt that Steps of Transformation could help her. 
“Over 7 years I experienced perpetual grief, intolerable stress, and worst of all severe sleep deprivation.” 
Gail’s first clue that she could have a real change came on the night after the first day of 'STEPS'. 
“By the way, I experienced what to me was a miracle after the first day of the workshop.I slept through the night for the first time in 23 years.” 
G J. BC.  
Susan had been held hostage by her extreme sensitivity to common everyday products, including scented soap, shampoo, and deodorant. 
“The 'STEPS' course I took with you last year has changed my life. I ‘stepped’ myself to the hairdresser recently and had no trouble with perfumes. Prior to meeting you, it had been many years without going to the hairdresser, due to fear of getting sick from scented products.” 
S P. BC. 
Maxine has a combination of insight, compassion and knowledge that helps her see the unique challenges of each of her participants. 
“Hi Maxine, thank you so much for your Steps of Transformation™ Programme. Amazing how quickly you get to the heart of people. I have had no panic attacks since then and keep using the techniques, so I really do appreciate it.” 
D B. BC.  

Steps of Transformation™ is a powerful and unique training and coaching programme if your'e stuck and want to produce dramatic results in your life. 

 “Steps of Transformation™ turned out to be one of THE MOST PIVOTAL EXPERIENCES not only for my health but in my overall life!” K F. BC.    “Put simply 'STEPS' has changed my life, and I would recommend it to everyone. It was worth every penny.” Debi Richens.  

The results that participants get from Steps of Transformation™ are often beyond what they had hoped for as they are outside the borders of their imagination. 
“I arrived relying on a walking stick, as the pain condition (Fibromyalgia), and the issues that came with it meant I needed a support to help me to get around safely, or so I thought.When I left Maxine on that first day, I did not need the walking stick, and indeed, I have not used it since.” 
D R. UK.  
As a complementary rather than alternative system, Steps of Transformation™ is often seen as an acceptable component for patients of mainstream health professionals. 
“One of my doctors recommended I take Maxine’s 3-day workshop, Steps of Transformation™ A couple of his patients had done so and he was amazed to see their remarkable improvement. It was as if they became “unstuck” and were able to move to a new level of good health.” 
When you change a core belief, one that you may not even know that you had, the changes show up in a variety of ways and in all areas of your life. 
“Well, The 'STEPS' programme with Maxine turned out to be one of THE MOST PIVOTAL EXPERIENCES not only for my health but in my overall life!” The STEPS system is a support to medical professionals and is designed to assist the client in receiving the most from all of their expertise. 
“Over the past decade, I’ve been extremely fortunate to have assembled a medical team of M.D.’s, osteopath, naturopath, acupuncturist, massage therapist and chiropractor who have gone above and beyond assisting me with my health. All of them can see the change in my health and are excited with what has happened to me since taking Maxine’s 'STEPS' programme.” 
Some feel that they are “back on track” and others feel that they are beginning a new life that they could never have imagined. 
“I am now ecstatic to be back on track with “making my mark on the world”. I have so many incredible things to look forward to in my future. I feel like I’m just beginning my life.” 
K F. BC 
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