The Grief Recovery Method® 
I initially contacted Maxine because I was heartbroken by the loss of my nineteen-year-old cat. I chose to work with Maxine and the Grief Recovery Method in the hope that I could deal with her loss. I received so much more! Maxine opened doors that revealed to me that I had unresolved grief from numerous experiences in my life. 
Maxine and the Grief Recovery programme gave me the skills and tools to resolve all my current and past losses as well as the confidence to resolve any future losses. Even though I've been through several different change programmes Grief Recovery Method is the most insightful yet practical programme I've ever done. 
I highly recommend Maxine. Not only is she an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist, but she also has the warmth and compassion to create the safety I needed to face the things I’d been carrying most of my adult life. If you have suffered significant losses in your life I recommend the Grief Recovery Method with Maxine Bryce - a winning combination! 
Alex Rees, 1:1 online participant. 
I was offered counselling and I was already taking anti-depressants following the death three years previously of my beloved sister. The counselling was semi helpful because I could talk about my losses but I never felt that I took anything from that to help me. I was at a very low ebb, heartbroken at losing my sister and devastated when my partner left me, taking with him all my hopes and dreams for the future. Maxine introduced me to the Grief Recovery Method and when I felt ready I contacted her to arrange our first session. Initially, I was apprehensive and not sure if this could help me but I cannot emphasise how wonderful and liberating the sessions with Maxine have been. 
Maxine is very kind and understanding, never judgmental and extremely empathetic to my situation, always ready to help if at any time I struggled. Since completing the programme I have been able to cut down my medication by 50% and unbelievably I can now look back at my old relationship without any pain or feelings of loss or bitterness. The pain and heartbreak of losing my sister will never go away but I am now able to look back with fondness and laughter rather than pain. 
Maxine has now provided me with the tools I need to work through other areas of my life which I still need to address and I know that she will always be there to help should I struggle at any time. 
I cannot recommend Maxine and the Grief Recovery Method enough, I now feel free and positive for the first time in many many years for which I will always be grateful. 
Valerie Young. 
I can say that it really has been quite enlightening, and fascinating, as well as emotional too, of course! I’ve learned some really helpful things about ‘grief’ but I’ve also learned that it is about so much more than just death. I’ve been able to apply my new knowledge to other situations in my life too – incomplete relationships, loss of plans or expectations, and so much more. I’ve been through my life with a fine-toothed comb and sifted out a lot of crap. I’ve definitely realised that the last few years have been a total bombardment of losses of many kinds, but I can start to tackle these now. 
Maxine was great, she loves her dogs too, so it makes me feel more understood to work with a fellow dog lover. She has guided me through this programme, helped me to apply it, and she really listened and respected what I talked about. 
Maxine has also given me so much help and support in many other aspects of my life, for which I am very grateful. 
I have completed the process for Tavi, and now I am tackling some other losses too. 
Obviously, I still miss my beautiful girl, and that’s totally normal, but it has certainly put to bed some of the negative emotions that I was still holding onto, such as guilt and regret. 
I still think about her, and the tears still fall at times, but my heart feels less broken now. I notice that when I share her photos and videos on my Facebook, I no longer use the ‘broken heart’ emoji! Just the black heart, to represent my beautiful black dog that remains deep in my heart forever. 
Becci Hodson 
Maxine was incredibly supportive and responsive throughout the entire experience. She is warm, empathic, and a great listener. Her patience, and mastery of her craft, allowed me the space to have at least one significant mental or emotional breakthrough in each session. She is patient and encouraging and consistently helped me to see things from a different perspective in each of our conversations. She has taught me a simple but profound way to re-open my heart after years of feeling very ‘shut down’. 
I would highly recommend Maxine and the Grief Recovery program for anyone who feels stuck, or unable to move beyond a loss. It has truly been a life-changing experience! 
Helen Devlin 
Chronic Anxiety 
From a young age, I had a feeling that something wasn’t quite right with how I felt and that there was something wrong with me. As I got older these thoughts and feelings became stronger and more intense developing into an anxiety disorder in my twenties, sometimes experiencing panic attacks. The pressure of veterinary studies exacerbated these problems. Following graduation, I struggled with being a new graduate due to self-doubt and stress. I began to experience chronic stress and worry and depression. I dabbled in CBT and counseling but didn’t find much benefit. I had reached a point where the negative feeling and whirling mind had made work unbearable and thought about quitting the profession.  
A friend of mine put me in touch with Maxine. We arranged a session and the rest is history! She gave me the tools to interrupt the patterns of thinking that lead to a spiral of stress and worry. Over time I began to get distance and space from my stress and anxiety and allowed me to once again deal with the pressures of being a vet and enjoy my work again! The Skype sessions and the flexible nature of the session fit perfectly into my life of being a busy ambulatory vet. 
Steve Walsh 
Dressage Performance 
"As a para-dressage athlete, I wanted to improve my competition performance. EFT was something I had not previously considered until a friend suggested Maxine may be able to help me achieve better results. I was sceptical to Skype with Maxine but willing to give it a shot, at the very least it couldn’t do any harm! 
In just a few short sessions Maxine has transformed the way I think, train and prepare for competitions. My neuromuscular degenerative disease affects all parts of my body and prevents me from leading a normal life but Maxine has given me the confidence and the tools to continue battling with my body and adapt and overcome the challenges that I now face. 
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Maxine to anyone who is struggling with their performance in the saddle. 
Since I started having Skype sessions with Maxine my scores are now consistent and I have smashed my original sporting targets. My results have been recognised by Team GBR and in Dec 2016 I was selected onto the Para World Class Podium Potential Programme ~ thanks Maxine!" 
Amanda Shitcliffe Para-Dressage Athlete 
Fear of Public Speaking 
After several years of crippling anxiety when making presentations, I can now happily say that I actually look forward to standing up in front of people and delivering a presentation with confidence. 
In the past eleven years I’ve read all the self-help books on confidence, visited two other hypnotherapists and taken medication from my GP – but nothing really worked for long. In January this year, I was promoted to Sales Director which means frequently making presentations to large groups of people. 
I heard about Maxine’s work through a colleague who’d had similar anxiety problems and decided to see if she could help me. In the first session, she got right to the heart of my fears and related problems. I saw her three times face to face and had a couple of follow up sessions over the phone. 
Maxine is extremely intuitive and would highly recommend her integrity and expertise to anyone who wants to improve their performance and emotional well-being. 
Carol Prowse Sales Director 
Maxine has taught me some life-saving tools which I use every day. Now I can even stop a severe headache by using EFT and STEPS. Two months after participating in Maxine´s breakthrough program, I have completely stopped my use of antidepressants, I have started to work out regularly, and I will go back to my old job to finish my big project, which will give me a lot of opportunities professionally. I have gained a deep belief in the unconscious as an important part of my behaviour. I feel much more relaxed. The first month after participating in STEPS, I increased my monthly production in my job with 33%! 
A friend of mine had recommended me Maxine Bryce as a fantastic personal trainer for behaviour change. Maxine made me feel so well taken care of and secure from the moment I decided to participate in STEPS. She opened up her home, together with her husband, for me, to take part in the three day course. I felt most welcomed. She has very high levels of empathy and compassion for what she is doing, and she is very professional. She has a very good ability to pinch out what I struggled with, and she has challenged me in so many ways and helped me coming back on track in my life. 
Emma Norum. Norway 
I really needed help with my mental approach to sport as I suffered hugely with competition nerves including my lack of confidence in the warm up. My performance was hugely affected due to my lack of emotional control and rock bottom confidence. The more the competitions meant to me the more I suffered with the nerves so my performances were not reflective of my ability or my horses. In my day to day life anxiety controlled a lot of my life and I found it really debilitating. I had come so far but felt I needed help to get my career back on track. Over the past five years due to life becoming difficult I wasn’t competing as much as I wanted to and these life blows caused huge anxiety. 
Working with Maxine has honestly changed my life and most importantly my mindset. I feel I can fully trust and confide in Maxine without fear of the information being repeated. Maxine has an amazing way of making you self assess and work towards an understanding of your thoughts, fears and emotions. During my time with Maxine which is around 6 months. I have competed at 2 major championships, an international and I have gained personal bests. In fact, I achieved a personal best after just one session. 
My relationships with those around me have improved and my home team is the best it has ever been. I have also improved my career and gained a better job to help fund my dressage career. The EFT techniques have been pivotal in regaining my focus and helping to get myself in the zone for competing. The EFT has also developed my relationship with my horse Laddie and we have built our trust as I feel I have a better understanding of my heart and gut. I have had comments and compliments from people who have noticed a change in my approach. Angela Weiss World Class Para Dressage coach, “Emma has found a missing link between mind and body.” 
Working on my core values has been a real ‘light bulb’ moment as it has interlinked the things that are important to me in order to keep me confident in all aspects of my life. Maxine has helped me to develop effective strategies to cope with testing situations in order for me to react in a way to reach a resolve or understanding. The EFT has helped to control my neurological pain in my arms which has caused me to really suffer in the past. The biggest difference in my life is that I am enjoying my life so much more and I feel excited for my future and my capabilities limitless. I owe a lot to Maxine. 
Emma Kent Para-Dressage Rider 
I would have to say my experience with Maxine has bordered on miraculous. 
I felt a shift in my brain as early as the second day of the workshop. After being on Long Term Disability with ME/CFS for almost 4 years, I no longer think of myself as sick. I have gone to social events and stood and chatted all night (before doing one night out meant resting before and needing several days of recovery after). 
I have gone on 3-hour hikes (before I had slowly worked up to walking 40 to 60 min but with sit down rests along the way). I have done some very busy days, back to back without crashing (before it was always about pacing activity with lying down ). 
I often used to have muscle pain in my legs, if I did 40-minute walks. Thanks to Maxine I now have tools that I can use to be healthy, energetic and pain-free. Since her S.T.E.P.S.© workshop, I have done 2 long 6 week trips, one to Italy and one a 6000 km road trip to Utah and Arizona and I was normal! I am so grateful to have my life back!! 
Reidun Eggun 
I wasn’t sure if I was going to die or go stark raving mad first. I could barely prepare a meal never mind manage a household. Worst of all, the losses kept rolling in. I lost my health, I lost most of my friends, I lost my ability to socialise, I lost my career, I lost my independence, I lost my hopes and dreams for the future. I even lost my passion to read. Reading a book was just too hard. 
My doctor sent me to one specialist after another to no avail. Eventually, I gave up on the medical model and sought help from a myriad of alternative health care practitioners. Then I tried therapists and many different kinds of workshops trying to regain my health. I spent thousands and thousands of dollars. I did improve to a point. I was able to get a total of 4 to 5 hours of sleep a night though I woke up often. And with help from my family, I could take care of the house again. 
But I remained stuck in a state of exhaustion, anxiety and overwhelm. I was stressed, negative, and very reactive to life. I felt so sick all the time and now know that my adrenal glands had been severely damaged. No matter what I tried to in an attempt to get better nothing helped over the long term. I stayed stuck for years. 
I read a newsletter I get from an alternative health care practitioner and he made reference to EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques. I was fascinated to learn that it was a form of Energy Psychology. It didn’t take me long to find Maxine’s website. I did several sessions of EFT with her and experienced an almost immediate and profound improvement in my health. Maxine recommended her S.T.E.P.S. course when I confided to her that I was afraid of relapsing and ending up stuck again. I couldn’t enrol fast enough. 
Maxine has tremendous knowledge about the brain and neuroplasticity – the brains’ ability to heal and change. She’s compassionate and brilliantly insightful. She knows so much about human behaviour! I love her ability to use humour in a therapeutic way. She’s professional, nonjudgmental and a true healer. I trust her implicitly. 
I’ve attended a lot of workshops and this was the best organised and presented by far. The content was fascinating. It held many of the answers I had searched for. I already knew that I was responsible for my own behaviour. I already knew that I should be responding to life rather than reacting to it. I already knew that I should be present and that it was pointless to spend time ruminating about the past or worrying about the future. I already knew that our unconscious mind had a lot to do with our troublesome, defeating behaviours. What no one had been able to tell me was how to get, and keep, my conscious mind in charge of things. Well, I know now! 
Maxine’s S.T.E.P.S. system is a technique, a tool. It’s a tool that’s quick and easy to use. It’s a tool that Maxine obviously intends her clients to have for its beneficial, long-term effects. I now have a tool that allows me to influence my behaviour, my thoughts, and my state of being in a matter of seconds any time I want. I am so calm. I bask in this calmness! I’m no longer stressed, scattered and disorganised. 
I’m organised and productive again. I’m less resistant to life’s circumstances and more accepting. I have energy again. I am infinitely more patient and tolerant of others. I spend my time in the present now making conscious decisions about what I want for myself next. I’m positive instead of negative. I can feel my body healing itself. I feel joyful and grateful again. Life still has its challenges but I consciously respond in the way I choose now instead of reacting in a way that only makes things worse. Knowing that I have a tool that gives me the power to choose how I interpret and respond to life’s challenges is the most freeing and empowering experience I’ve ever had. I am finally unstuck! 
By the way, I experienced what to me was a miracle after the first day of the workshop. I slept through the night for the first time in 23 years. 
Gail Johnson 
The very fact that I had managed to see myself through both of those events made me feel very empowered, but I knew that it was not enough to get over the past and move forward and that I needed further tools to aid me in my healing journey. This took me back to Maxine who had previously told me of the S.T.E.P.S. programme that she had devised and used successfully for others in various situations of emotional and physical health issues. 
I took my time to investigate Maxine’s website, the testimonials, and also exploring my previous experience of treatment with her and decided that my health and wellbeing were the most important things and that I had to put the money together to have this healing time with her. 
I contacted Maxine to arrange a three-day S.T.E.P.S. session with her. I also arranged to stay away from home for those few days as I wanted to concentrate on my learning and healing journey, and this gave me valuable practice time needed without interference from my partner. 
I had no idea what to expect and had a completely open mind. Each of the three days was carefully structured so that the bulk of learning was on the first day and gave me tools that I could immediately start to make changes. We practised exercises from the program that had an immediate effect on me, and I cannot tell you how wonderful that was. 
I arrived relying on a walking stick, as the pain condition (Fibromyalgia), and the issues that came with it meant I needed a support to help me to get around safely, or so I thought. When I left Maxine on that first day, I did not need the walking stick, and indeed, I have not used it since. 
On the second day, again, I came away, after some more exercises, feeling so much more positive and able to achieve. On the final day, the course was less intensive but reinforcing, and I managed to go through the S.T.E.P.S. process and forgive those two protagonists mentioned above and lose a huge complex of emotion that I have been carrying around with me for many years. 
It was incredibly freeing, and such a profound change, that I still don’t feel the oppression that I had previously carried around from these two people. The full program is now a part of me, and I can not be happier to use it. 
I continue to use the S.T.E.P.S. system each day, and in doing so I have managed to bring the level of pain down quite considerably, and also to calm and slow the progression of extreme psoriasis that was having such a negative effect on my daily life. 
There are too many other things for me to list here, but suffice to say that I am finally in charge of the issues. I have learned how to ‘tune’ into my higher self to find limiting beliefs, and then use the S.T.E.P.S. system to turn them around to healthy options for my mind and body. It is a journey for me, but now it is an easy journey. 
Put simply S.T.E.P.S. has changed my life, and I would recommend it to everyone. It was worth every penny.” 
Debi Richens Artist 
Then….one of my doctors recommended I take Maxine’s 3-day workshop, S.T.E.P.S. A couple of his patients had done so and he was amazed to see their remarkable improvement. It was as if they became “unstuck” and were able to move to a new level of good health. 
Well, The S.T.E.P.S. programme with Maxine turned out to be one of THE MOST PIVOTAL EXPERIENCES not only for my health but in my overall life! 
I went into the workshop, optimistic, fully ready to take on whatever new concepts came my way. I let myself be vulnerable. I was trusting of what lay ahead of me, mostly because this workshop struck me as the “last hope” for getting well from M.E. 
The first day of the workshop, my brain was overloaded, panicky and experiencing a severe “vice-grip”. I thought “How the hell is this going to work? I am so screwed!”. That night, as I set about doing the techniques, much to my complete amazement, the deep-set brain vice-grip and panic lifted. I felt a small ebb of confidence and triumph that since then has continued to expand effortlessly as I continue with the S.T.E.P.S. System and EFT (emotional freedom techniques). 
During the actual workshop and in the time since my body and brain have shifted. I’ve had creative awakenings! I have new-found energy. I am gob-smacked at having stamina. I am trying new things without dwelling on M.E. I am able to do my power walks more easily and am conquering greater distances. I have had very few viral sensations. I’m able to go out for dinner with my friends and not feel like a person with an illness. I’m able to clean my house with ease. I’m having fun! The S.T.E.P.S. workshop also coincided with me trying online dating, and after being single for quite some time, I am now dating an extraordinary man…and again…I no longer feel like a person battling a chronic illness. 
Nowadays, I don’t say that I have M.E., but rather that I had M.E. And yes, it is possible to recover after thirty horrific years of having a debilitating chronic illness. I continue to use Maxine’s S.T.E.P.S. techniques regularly to keep myself in check. And if anyone out there thinks that recovery can’t happen to them because they’ve been ill for so long and so severely….think again. 
Over the past decade, I’ve been extremely fortunate to have assembled a medical team of M.D.’s, osteopath, naturopath, acupuncturist, massage therapist, and chiropractor who have gone above and beyond assisting me with my health. All of them can see the change in my health and are excited with what has happened to me since taking Maxine’s workshop. 
As for Maxine…I was impressed beyond belief with this woman (and I am not easily impressed). Her knowledge, compassion, perseverance, and optimism is second-to-none. And what blew me away even more so was her professionalism and her skills in leading an intense three days of “life-changing” information. She is gifted as a healer. She is forthright. She is intuitive and gets to the heart of each person. She covers a helluva lot of stuff in a short period of time and makes it understandable. She was able to lead me into embedding the S.T.E.P.S. and tapping techniques into my very core. Not only do I know how to use the techniques, but I understand why and how they are working. 
Maxine has taught me to tailor the S.T.E.P.S. specifically to my personality. I don’t feel like I’m using some generic method. Maxine has also taught me how to use S.T.E.P.S. and tapping for things other than M.E. I continue to use it whenever I am feeling stressed or needing clarity. Her techniques help to calm me. 
I am now ecstatic to be back on track with “making my mark on the world”. I have so many incredible things to look forward to in my future. I feel like I’m just beginning my life. 
Karen F. Vancouver BC Journalist 
Our first session together was a revelation. Maxine was wonderful, she made me feel totally safe and without judgement. She is also extremely perceptive and highly sensitive which allows her to understand and automatically tune into what’s really going on with you. She really listened to me and supported me through what I can only describe as a metamorphosis. 
With her help and support, I started up my own theatre school and was asked to work in a prestigious school teaching Drama. I started to enjoy life as a Mother and my health greatly improved. For the first time in my life, I felt as though I could achieve, be independent, strong, healthy and happy. For that, I shall always be grateful. Mostly, Maxine taught me that I have the power to change and that anything can be achieved and healed with the right help. I would strongly recommend Maxine as a practitioner, – indeed I had seen several counsellors and therapists over the years, none of whom made any lasting real change to my way of thinking and being. Maxine however, is a game-changer and her methods gave me the tools I shall always carry if I need to work on any issue in my life. That’s empowerment! 
Natasha Gray Actress and Drama Teacher 
Performing under Pressure 
“I was lucky enough to be coached by Maxine when in a high pressured senior management role. I enjoyed our sessions so much and found them to be so beneficial that I subsequently paid to take part in some of her private training courses. 
Maxine combines professionalism and great skill, with a warm and encouraging nature, which creates a safe space for growth and change to happen. 
I would happily recommend anyone to trust and work with Maxine, confident that it would be to their benefit." 
Amanda Ollier 
A More Relaxed Person 
I have known Maxine for many years and she has always been totally professional and dedicated to the task of improving people's personal and professional lives. 
I went through a very difficult period in my life and Maxine's training and knowledge helped me come out the other side a better and more relaxed person. 
Her calm approach and natural good humour, coupled with her continual research and thirst for improvement, marks her out as a great person to reach out to." 
Mark Bradbury 
A Very Special Human Being 
"Every so often a seemingly random meeting can prove to be one of the most important meetings of your life. Ultimately one that can help save your life. 
Following one of these 'chance' meetings over 30 years ago, Maxine and I formed a strong friendship that has served us well through the trials and tribulations of life, and during that time we have shared a few tears but luckily much more laughter. 
However, it was 3 years ago when I was diagnosed with inoperable, incurable cancer that Maxine's professional skills were put to the test. 
With love, compassion, and superb professional skills Maxine's sessions helped me find the strength I needed to get me through the most challenging time of my life, She has helped me become mentally fit, happy, and truly free, her insights into the human mind are truly astounding and have made a huge impact on my map of the world. 
I feel blessed to call her a friend, yet she is so much more than that. She is a unique and very special human being that contributed massively to saving my life....." 
Alex Rees 
For Sports and Relationships 
"Thank you Maxine. 
Your coaching gave me valuable techniques to manage my nerves and helped me perform my very best at national and international hockey matches. 
Your techniques have also helped me to articulate my deep and most honest motivations with regard to relationships. 
This helped me move on from an unhappy relationship and find one that made me happy." 
Alex D. London, UK 
Smoking, Food & Body Issues 
"Over the years I’ve seen a number of therapists about body image and food issues resulting from sexual abuse as a child. 
Through those therapists, I learned why I behaved and thought the way I did as a result of those experiences, but none helped me break the negative patterns of behaviour I’d established. 
Through working with Maxine I am now free of deep-seated feelings of inadequacy and my fear of loss of control. I’d been afraid these would be with me whole my life! 
Maxine has also helped me successfully stop smoking. 
I never thought I’d be one of those people who said it was easy. But I am! 
The brilliant thing about my experience with Maxine is that I now have the tools to cope with the ebb and flow of life, so instead of feeling panicky about what the future may hold, I feel positive and excited and peaceful." 
Belinda Smith, London, UK" 
High Blood Pressure 
"It is just 3 weeks since you taught me how to apply EFT to my Blood Pressure problem and helped me resolve some long term emotional issues. You will, like me, be very pleased with my progress. 
I have been monitoring my Blood Pressure twice a day since starting the tapping. 
My general feeling is 100% and my energy is 100%. 
I feel like a new woman, my mind is clear, and appears free of unwanted obstacles. As I told you my Blood Pressure ranged from 194/90 to 243/100 for the last 30 years. My Consultant and Doctor said I am a walking time bomb and the Consultant discharged me as nothing more could be done. No amount of medication lowered the B.P. it just seemed to push it up further. 
A normal-for-my-age 76, weight 10 stone and height 5ft should be around 140/70. Since I started tapping the results have steadily lowered and currently measures 153/65. My goal is to achieve the normal-for-my-age range and with your help, I am in no doubt that I will do it. 
Maxine, you really are a remarkable therapist. Thank you once again." 
Joan Bevington, Newcastle-under-Lyme" 
Low Self Esteem, Depression & Weight Issues 
"Thank you so much for helping me to get my confidence back and change my life. 
I’d been suffering from low self-esteem and depression following a very painful divorce and I was also very overweight due to comfort eating and loneliness. 
I’d seen a psychotherapist regularly for the last seven years but didn’t seem to make very much - if any progress. I’d also taken medication periodically for my depression. 
I can honestly say that I’m finally free of all that now. 
When you introduced me to EFT I was very skeptical and didn’t really think it would work for me with all my long-term problems. 
How wrong I was and I’m grateful for your persistence and expertise, all my old painful memories are now just memories and I feel free to do anything I put my mind to! I do EFT every day now and can honestly say that I’m enjoying life. 
I‘m socialising again and have started a part-time job where I‘m making new friends. 
Amazingly, I don’t have chocolate cravings anymore and I’ve lost two stones in weight in the last eight months! I’m so glad I found you, Maxine, thank you once again." 
Sophie Hurst , Richmond-upon-Thames, Surrey 
"Hope all is well with you. I just thought I would email you an update as I hadn't been in touch since July. 
I am very pleased that I no longer take anti-depressants - after 10 years of taking them, and I am doing really well and strong. I have not been in contact regarding a follow-up session as I have not felt it necessary. 
I am doing everything that I want to be able to do and find I no longer consider if any particular activity will affect my energy levels or not. 
Thank you for all the help you gave me. Very best wishes." 
Julie Haffar 
Maxine as Trainer & Coach 
"Maxine will forever stand as my blessing from above. I will never forget what she taught me that I could do, how sincerely, compassionately, professionally, and empathetically she did it, and how meeting and working with her has let me get to where I am today. 
Wherever I go tomorrow and the day after I will still carry with me that heartfelt gratitude. 
Thank you, Maxine, from the core of my being, and may your every day be filled with rainbows fireworks, bliss, and wonders!" 
Ine Eftstol 

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