Performance Anxiety - Helping You Breakthrough Performance Anxiety So You Can Shine With Confidence! 

All types of performance anxiety trigger stress responses such as memory loss, nausea, muscle weakness, focusing on negative outcomes and other signs of panic. 
Do you ever experience one or more of these; 
Feeling like or actually having to throw up? 
Needed the loo? 
Going blank? 
Sweating, shaking or feeling weak? 
Lack of focus or scattered thinking? 
Intense thoughts of failure (not good enough)? 
Even though you may be successful, success comes at a cost. I understand, because in my career as a dancer I felt all of those things before an audition, and I know it doesn’t have to be that way! 

Fear of Public Speaking 

“After several years of crippling anxiety when making presentations, I can now happily say that I actually look forward to standing up in front of people and delivering a presentation with confidence. 
I heard about Maxine’s work through a colleague who’d had similar anxiety problems and decided to see if she could help me. In the first session, she got right to the heart of my fears all the related problems. 
Maxine is extremely intuitive and would highly recommend her integrity and expertise to anyone who wants to improve their performance and emotional well-being" 
Carol Prowse. 
Imagine being more successful than you already are with less stress and more enjoyment. 
What if you felt physically and emotionally focused, knowing you can deliver your best effort every time? 
What if remembering your lines was effortless and dependable? 
What if you felt strong and appropriately energised before and during your performance? 
What if you could go to work every day feeling confident? 
How would you like to feel? 
What would you love to change in your unique situation? 

Maxine has extensive experience coaching and training high-level management, directors and CEO’s in the corporate environment with international companies, including:  Toshiba Colliers CRE Janus Capital Group (US) H&M Eurostar AXA Insurance Balfour Beatty The Omega Watch Company National Farmers Union 


Overcoming anxiety and health issues. 

"Our first session together was a revelation. Maxine was wonderful, she made me feel totally safe and without judgement. She is also extremely perceptive and highly sensitive which allows her to understand and automatically tune into what’s really going on with you. She really listened to me and supported me through what I can only describe as a metamorphosis...." 
Natasha Gray, Actress and Drama Teacher 
For a confidential discussion about your business plans, aims and ambitions contact Maxine now. 

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