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Anxiety and Nerves

to Perform Brilliantly!


Do you go blank when you need to recall important information?  

It may have nothing to do with your memory, it may be caused by the panic you feel when you absolutely MUST remember something. When you panic, your peripheral vision disappears, your focus narrows to a small point, which also applies to your memory recall. When you panic, you’re in the wrong state for the job.

Do you get sweaty palms, heart palpitations or feel sick at the mere thought of performing?

The physical parts of fear and anxiety are the most debilitating. When you picture your performance and your body goes crazy it’s impossible to deliver, even if you’re just imagining a future event.

Do you constantly run to the loo when you’re about to perform? 

This is another physical effect of fear or panic, having to wee or even worse!                 

Are you frustrated because you know you can do better?   

You know you could do it if it wasn’t for the fear reaction

It doesn’t have to be like this, I can help you succeed. Click here to arrange your free discovery call!




Breakthrough Programme

Confidence in your performance is not simply a matter of mindset or positive thinking – it’s so much more than that!  Performance excellence requires harmony between your thoughts and your emotions, which are the fuel for your thoughts.  

Success comes from the ability to consistently reproduce the excellence achieved in training, or rehearsal, on the day.

Having a peak blend of skills and mindset gives you the best results. Thoughts are powerful and we use them to create our understanding of the world, often called a ‘Mindset’. To have consistent success you need a positive mindset enhanced by the emotional fuel of passion and courage to drive it. I can help you discover and dissolve blocks to your success. Weeding out anything that no longer serves you to create your unique system to achieve your winning performance.

“Maxine’s sessions literally changed my world.  Our first session together was a revelation…. She supported me through what I can only describe as a metamorphosis. For the first time in my life, I felt as though I could achieve.”  To read Natasha’s full testimonial, please click here. 

Natasha Gray

Actress and drama teacher