Maxine Bryce Emotional Freedom for Women 

 I help Women Recover from Heartbreak, Abuse, and Anxiety, so they can Live with Purpose, Passion & Vitality! 

Do you carry the wounds from one relationship to the next? 
Do you second-guess every decision you make? 
Have you ever made a decision to satisfy someone else or to avoid conflict? 
Are you a perfectionist? 
Are you a people pleaser? 
Do you live with a constant feeling of being “not good enough”? 
Does anxiety get the better of you? 
If you can say Yes to one or more of these and you want to know more, you’re in the right place and I’d love to help you.  I used to say YES to all of them! 
Trauma (including childhood traum) can make it difficult to connect safely because of the loss of trust, while at the same time it increases the need for connection. 
The yearning for deep connection can push the traumatised person to keep searching for safety and love. If unresolved, however, they drag the pain of past relationships into their next one, leaving them feeling withdrawn, disconnected, and isolated.  
Recognising the paradoxical nature and healing the original trauma(s) allows you to experience a healthy relationship, beginning with yourself.  
It’s my commitment to support you to heal so you can live with passion and purpose and feel as free as I do now. 
In the last 20 years I’ve helped thousands of people from all over the world transform:  
Stress and overwhelm 
Anxiety and Panic 
Fear of Failure  
Lack of Trust 
Low Self Confidence 
Guilt & Shame  
Trauma - PTSD & CPTSD 

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